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About Us

Blithe Books Etymology
It was in reading Overstory that we first came across a word that we could use for our bookstore - “blight.” There was something jumpy about the word when used with “books.” Alliteration put to good use. Of course, it would have been the worst word to use in the dictionary, but its distant cousin (in spelling) was not - “blithe.”
showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper; happy or joyous (literary); related to the English word “bliss” (from Oxford languages)
So for all the readers who asked - We are called Blithe Books because, while it may seem illogical to open a bookstore as a purely passion project in the middle of a great pandemic, with a little daily encouragement and a healthy abuse of the word, blithe, we do our work with much cheerful indifference. 

About our site
Our website is designed to be like a walk through your favorite bookstore. As like before, pick up a book, turn it to its back, and lug it around while still undecided. You can find all the information you need within the site. 
Loving a book does not have to be instantaneous. Books are meant to be more than pretty things in an Instagram photo. Let the book introduce itself to you. Leave it. Come back for it. Take it when your heart’s convinced. At Blithe Books: every book, an invitation.