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Q: What are the available modes of payment aside from PayPal?

A: Payment may be made through bank deposit and GCash. After choosing "bank deposit" or Gcash as payment mode and placing your order, you will be instructed on how to pay. Rest assured that we are working on providing an easier payment checkout for you. 

Unpaid orders will be held for the person making the order for 24 hours only. 

 Q: Can I made an order for any title I wish?

A: Yes. You may ask us to source a book for you by reaching us through the "Contact Us" page. We will send you a quote for your order. 

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Shipping will take approximately 5-7 days from receipt of order, except for pre-orders. Please allow additional days for delay brought about by the pandemic. 

Pre-orders will be shipped once the books become available. ETA of pre-order books as shown in the website are approximations. Actual time of delivery may vary. We will, however, update you should there be any delay in the delivery of a pre-order.

Q: What does the pre-order button mean?

A: The pre-order button allows you to purchase a book even before its availability in the store. Books for pre-order usually are books coming soon to Blithe. By pre-ordering, you are effectively able to reserve the book for yourself.

Q: When will payment be captured for pre-orders?

A: Payment shall be made upon pre-order. 

Q: Can I buy complete sets or collections? or make bulk purchases?

A: Yes, please send us a message at our Contact Us page about your intention to do.