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The Tortoise and the Hare Entry No. 2

Eat a Peach by David Chang

David Chang of Momofuku fame - There is no doubt he is a brilliant man, daring to the point of being offensive, passionate, aggressive, intense, irreverent, submitting to noone. I can see how these qualities in him led only to his climbing success. 
For sure, he is a talented writer. I was hooked from the first page, though I admit I bore no expectations. Reading his book was like being taken on a high-speed roller coaster ride. I was surprised there was no money as recently as Ugly Delicious (unless I read wrong). I would have thought one would have arrived with a show like that. 
I can’t help sense an undercurrent running in every page. There is so much anger and angst evident in his words, although they be recounting tales of underground victories. For the first time, I’ve seen anger produce so much good fruit in life, such directed success. I would be terrified to have him as my boss; he admits anger is a pervasive part of his life. It takes courage to admit what path his juggernaut wrath has galvanised and to seek to address that anger.
He did say something beyond his autobiographical accounts that I will keep with me: save some for the swim back. When you’re charging at full throttle, save some for the swim back.
An interesting, insider-story, hare kind of read.

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